Sunday, June 26, 2011

Drive By

I was lucky enough to be in the Greektown neighborhood a few weeks back. I am finding it more and more rare that I drive outside of a one mile radius of the hampden/remington area...

But on this rare occasion, I happened to decide to drive down Fait street, curious as to whether or not there was new progress from a year ago when I last checked the building and discovered it was finally demolished. Yes, it has already been another year. In fact, it might be two. Either way, I was lucky enough to pop in right when they were tearing up the original foundation of the building. I, the weirdo that I often can be, sat in my car taking pictures and videos. It was rather satisfying to be back on the site and reminded me of all the times I spent on that street..with the same hesitation of approaching the site. This time I decided to stay in and not get too close. I didn't want to disturb the workers..

By the end of the week, I should have shots from the aftermath and what is left..if anything..

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