Friday, August 8, 2008


As of September 11th I will be journeying to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. One of my main missions is to learn about the steel industry that began in Rio. It is home to the first major steel mill in Latin American. My hope is it will be teach me more about the industry that once thrived in Baltimore. The picture above is from the warehouse in Baltimore. This is one of my favorite images and memories at the warehouse. The CSX railroad station still past the building.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

It's funny how you become attached to a space. How a space develops a history that is constantly changing. It seems as though no single space can stay the same. This building has character and a history that I am still trying to understand. Parts are still a mystery.

The history that I am interested in hearing now is from individuals. Stories.

I met an interesting individual one time I was in the building. (the one and only time I spoke to someone there) He lived just up the block in one of the row houses near Ponac and was looking for some wood to use for a fire. He seemed to be a loyal member of the community and had a great understanding of the communities history. Apparently his grandmother originally owned the house he lives in. We spoke a little bit about the building being torn down soon. He suggested it be used as a rail car museum rather than more houses. Apparently he has already heard a bit about the prices for the housing and felt it was going to be difficult to afford living there for people. I'm curious to hear more from people in the community about this development. Shouldn't there we more concern for the communities needs?

I personally think a community center would be a good solution. I've seen kids in the building several times. Just hanging out. Listening to music and chatting with friends. Perhaps it's because they don't have a space like that anywhere.